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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Donut and Beer Fest!

Many volunteers are needed to help with set up, beer pouring, distributing donuts, cider pouring and distributing the sample glasses at the entrance. Many of the donut vendors and breweries will have a representative present, so it's a fun opportunity to learn more about the donut and craft beer industry and interact with attendees while handing out samples.

Volunteer shifts include:

  • Greeter/Glass Distribution:

  • Beer Pouring First Shift:

  • Beer Pouring Second Shift:

  • Donut Serving First Shift:

  • Donut Serving Second Shift:

  • Runner (replenishing ice bins, recycling bottles, giving breaks, etc.)

  • Tear Down:

Volunteers will receive:
•         5 tokens for sampling beer or donuts


Click here to sign up as a volunteer:

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